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Why use OpenStreetMap?

Free and Open#

OpenStreetMap is published under an open licence, that allows anyone to access, use and share the data. This creates a level playing field allowing a diverse variety of individuals, communities and organisations to contribute towards creating a shared resource.

Global Reach#

OpenStreetMap provides global map data in a unified tagging schema, although there are some local variations. Data is available for every country in the world, and in many places, the data quality is excellent. And since it’s open, you can also help improve quality.

Local Knowledge#

OpenStreetMap emphasizes local knowledge and empowers people across the globe to edit. The barrier to entry is low, and there are many ways to contribute that do not require access to the latest technology. The result is a map made by local experts.

Continuous updates#

OpenStreetMap has no data releases. Contributions to the map are ingested immediately. You determine how fresh you want your OpenStreetMap data, up to the minute if needed.


As OpenStreetMap contributors, we together hold the keys to the future of the map. Your contributions, be it in map data, novel tools, new people and insights, evangelism or training, help determine the course of OpenStreetMap, and make it a better map for you and everyone else.

Giving Back#

By building against a shared resource, your organisation can benefit from updates provided by OpenStreetMap’s global community.