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How can we give money to OpenStreetMap?

OpenStreetMap is the largest open geographic database in the world, the data infrastructure for multitudes of mapping projects around the globe. A donation to the OpenStreetMap Foundation will cover core operational expenses in supporting the OpenStreetMap project: hardware costs, legal fees, an administrative assistant and other expenses of our working groups and administration.

OSM runs a lean operation. The OpenStreetMap Foundation relies on revenue from individual and corporate membership dues, profits generated by the annual State of the Map conferences, and donations. We must keep our income sources diversified, as these vary from year to year, but our modest needs stay the same. For this, we need your support.

There are several ways to financially support the project:

Corporate membership#

If you are part of a company or organization, a great way to support OpenStreetMap financially is by becoming a Corporate Member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

Corporate membership tiers start at €500 for the Supporter level and go up to €20,000 or more annually for the Platinum level. Each tier comes with a number of additional benefits. Corporate members of Silver and higher levels have a seat on the OSMF Advisory Board, which serves to advise the OSMF Board of Directors.

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Member or learning more about donating, please get in touch with the OSM Foundation Board of Directors at board(at)


Donations of any amount are also more than welcome. The OpenStreetMap Foundation is a registered non-profit in the United Kingdom.

Local chapters#

If an OSM Local Chapter exists in your jurisdiction, you may also want to consider donating to them directly. Donations to Local Chapters benefit their work supporting the OpenStreetMap project and community at the local level. Donations to Local Chapters may be tax-exempt, depending on local tax law. For details, inquire with the Local Chapter directly. You can find them at the OSM Wiki


There are a variety of OpenStreetMap conferences, and ticket revenues help sustain the community. The annual international OpenStreetMap conference is called State of the Map. There are also many regional State of the Map conferences.