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Welcome Mat | OpenStreetMap#

A group of researchers surveying the surroundings while collecting data for mapping and taking notes

What is OpenStreetMap?

A brief introduction to OpenStreetMap

A group of people posing on stairs after completing a mapping workshop

Who is OpenStreetMap?

The people and communities of OSM

A group of people comparing data collected during an OpenStreetMap field survey

Why use OpenStreetMap?

What makes OpenStreetMap special?

Workers from the Red Cross humanitarian mission have spread papers with local area research on the ground and are discussing them

How to give back?

How can you or your organization contribute to OSM?

A group photo with participants of the SotM US conference

About the OSM Community

Getting in touch, history, joining and more…

A person working on a laptop computer, editing OpenStreetMap data

Working with OpenStreetMap Data

How to use, research and edit OSM…